Celebration as a Path to Manifestion



Every Friday, Kalyn and I celebrate. We have a group of students and friends who are actively improving their lives who come and celebrate with us, either at our home or we choose a restaurant in Santa Fe. Since doing so, we have not only seen the manifestation of our dreams and desires accelerate in incredible ways, but we have witnessed wonderful things our students and friends are bringing into their lives.

Why is Celebration a Powerful Path to Manifestation?

There are several reasons why celebrating accelerates your creating process. Here are a few;

  1. Celebrating lifts the spirits of all those participating. It raises your emotional tone. As you live from a happier place, you can’t help but to attract higher vibrating things into your life.
  2. Celebrating is a form of gratitude. As part of our celebrating process, Kalyn asks each person what they are grateful for in their lives. Everyone then toasts that person and celebrates what they are grateful for, acknowledging what they have received or created. Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies to strengthen manifestation.
  3. Celebrating what you have manifested or are thankful for gives you more of what you are celebrating. As you celebrate what you are celebrating, you increase the energy, the thoughts, and feelings around it, attracting even more of it. It is also a personal marker for you giving you a reference point to just how much you are actually manifesting. When doing this people are often surprised at just how many of their dreams are coming true.
  4. Celebration is a form of ritual. A ritual, as I am using it here, is something you repeat over time. When you repeat something often for a long period of time, especially when you do it at the same time (such as every Friday), you create energetic pathways for the energy of celebration and manifestation to come through. This empowers your manifestation process.
  5. When a group of people with a common Intent come together, such as celebrating what they have manifested or what they are grateful for, it amplifies and strengthens everyone’s power of manifestation. The group synergy is powerful. Plus, having others celebrate your manifestations is a great affirmation.

A celebration is different than a party. A party is for having fun, or meeting people. A celebration is also for fun (we dance, feast, and play games), but also has Intent behind it that everyone shares. In this case the Intent is to celebrate what you have manifested or those things for which you are thankful. Even if your manifestation hasn’t yet taken form, by celebrating something you are grateful for, you will accelerate your manifestation process.

I highly recommend you take on the celebration habit. Not only will you empower your manifestation process but you will have a wonderful time doing so.


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