Freeing Yourself From the Laws of Form

We have a choice in life ? to live by the laws of form, which are very dense and binding, or to live by the laws of our Divine Self. Life, relationships, and career begin to flow much easier when we move from the laws of form to ‘higher’ laws.

One of the first steps on a spiritual path of growth and evolution is to recognize that there is more to us than just a personality and a body. Who we are takes on a body when we come into form. Once we are born we soon forget ‘Who’ we are and begin to believe that we are a physical body. This is the way the system is set up. We are meant to forget ‘Who’ we are so that we can have a full experience of individuation. It is through individuation that we are able to work on our piece of the karmatic pie of humanity. Once we become adults, part of our journey is to remember ‘Who’ we are.

The laws of form are very dense and confining. At different levels of frequency, there are different laws in effect. The laws of form are different than the laws of energy. For example, in form like repels like. The same poles of a magnet repel each other. In form, opposites attract – female attracts male, electrons attract protons. In energy, it is often different ? like attracts like. So, for example, the energy of abundance attracts abundance.

If we wish, therefore, to have a life that flows and to have dominion (not the same as domination) over our lives, we need to shift away from being bound by the laws of form. The first step is to stop monitoring our external world and to begin monitoring self. When we constantly monitor our external world, and try to change self to fit that external world, we give our power away to whatever, or whoever is in our external world. Moreover, when we are constantly monitoring our external world, we are bound by the laws of form.

When we begin to monitor self first instead of our external world first, we come under the laws of the human self, which are less dense than our external world. It is much easier to change self than it is to change our external world. If we are in a relationship, for example, it is very difficult to change the other person. It is healthier to focus on what we need to change in self in accordance to what we need. The healthiest first step we can take in a dysfunctional relationship is to find what we need in the relationship and do what we need to do to fulfill that need. If, instead, we constantly monitor the other person (external monitoring) and try to change self to please them, we continue the dysfunctional pattern and create more pain and suffering for ourselves.

Eventually, we want to align self to ‘Who’ we are in order to come under the laws of our Divine Self, which vibrate at a high frequency. These laws are much less binding and are more loving than the laws of form. However, to get to where we can align self to our Higher or Divine Self, we must first shift our awareness and focus from external monitoring to self monitoring. The world of form is much larger than we are. We cannot change the laws of form. However, when we instead begin to monitor self, we are able to change self in accordance to what self needs and live by a new set of laws that are less binding and give us more freedom.

How do we monitor self? We begin by becoming aware of the three structured bodies of the human self ? the mental, the emotional and the physical bodies. Human beings also have unstructured bodies, such as the intuitive body that are free from the structure of space and time, but we first begin with our bodies of structure.

Each of the three bodies has a function. The function of the mental body is to think. The function of the emotional body is to feel. The function of the physical body is to experience. When we monitor self, we begin to monitor our thoughts, feelings and actions. We also monitor what self needs. Throughout the day we monitor what our mental body needs, what our emotional body needs and what our physical body needs. If our emotional body needs to cry or laugh, we cry or laugh. If our physical body needs to urinate, we do not ignore it. We get up and urinate.

As we monitor self we become aware of patterns in self that need healing or strengthening. We become aware of how these patterns and wounding cause us to think, feel or behave in a certain way that may not be beneficial to self.

The average man or woman is constantly distracted by their external world. They become lost in it. They try to change self to fit it. When we do this we give our power away. We also are bound by the dense laws of form. When we are lost in the external world, we are not self-present. In a real sense, we the self do not exist. We are swallowed up into something much bigger than self.

The ego keeps us focused on the external world. The human personality can only do one of two things. It can be led by the ego, or it can be directed by our Higher Self. If we want more freedom and love in our lives, we must switch from being led by our ego, to being directed by our Higher Self. The ego will keep us distracted by keeping our focus off of self and on to the external world. If we want to move up to the lighter laws of our Divine or Higher Self, we must begin by shifting our awareness and focus to monitoring self instead of monitoring our external world. This doesn’t mean that we ignore or avoid the external world. It means that we monitor self first, then the external world.

Each and every moment of the day, keep a piece of your awareness on you, the self. Monitor how you feel, what you are thinking and what your body is doing. As you do this you begin to raise your energetic frequency up. Your life becomes more fluid. You will have more glimpses of your Higher Self. You will move from being controlled by the laws of form, to living the laws of the Divine.

Love and Light,


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