Is the Intent of Your Spiritual Connection Misplaced?

Is the Intent of Your Spiritual Connection Misplaced?

How do you use your spiritual connection? Looking at your answer to this question may uncover where you become snagged in your growth and evolution. We can make this question more specific as follows: Do you or have you ever used your spiritual connection to get away from your life issues?

If the answer to this question is yes, your spiritual connection is misplaced.

If we use our spiritual connection to get away from our life patterns, pain, having to deal with life, we are moving against the Intent of Nagual. We are working against the energetic flow that is behind the purpose of coming into body.

What we are meant to do with our spiritual connection is to bring it all the way down and through us in order to refine and evolve self and our patterns. This is the true work in accordance to the Intent of the Dreamer that is dreaming our lifetime.

When we use our spiritual connection to escape from our life in the tonal, it has a negative impact on our life. While it may feel wonderful to move into worlds of energy, when we come back to our daily life we are often miserable. We become split. A part of us is constantly trying to escape from the self we are in body, and another part of us has to deal with the pain of our daily life. People who use their spirituality to escape often lack personal power and the ability to make life work. Toltecs stalk power, as they understand how important power is to our spiritual growth and evolution.

Intent flows from the Nagual, through the Dreamer, into self, and out into our life. When we work with this flow, we have the power of the Nagual behind us. When we bring our spirituality down into our daily lives we grow and evolve from a firm foundation. Not only do our relationships, career, and health benefit, but also our spiritual connection grows all that much stronger. We are working with Power not against it.

However, moving with the flow of Intent takes work. We must work to bring our spirituality down into all of those areas in self we have suppressed and repressed inside. We must confront our weaknesses, our pain and our shortcomings. As we do so, we grow and evolve those dark places in self. We become an integrated whole in alignment to the Intent of the Nagual.

For the Toltec, the ultimate step is called burning from the fire within. Burning from the fire within occurs when every bit of our human tonal, all of our subconscious, all of our thoughts, feelings and actions, all of our patterns and issues, and our energy body, have all been refined and evolved so that they are in total alignment to the Intent of the Nagual. We become one with Intent. This can only happen when we are whole, integrated, and have brought our spiritual connection fully into our human condition.

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