Learning, Growth and Evolution

As human beings we have three aspects of consciousness in our spiritual development. These three aspects are learning, growth and evolution. Having an understanding of these three aspects can help us know where we are at and where we need to go in our development.

Of these learning is the lowest level. When we are stuck in learning we circle around in cycles. We deal with the same issues over and over again. We make no movement only motion. We want to move from learning to growth. When we grow we make movement. Healing is a part of growth. Growth takes us to evolution. Evolution is moving up. It is the process of refining self through our issues. It is raising our frequency. Ultimately evolution is what we are here to do. Our Dreamer or Soul is not as concerned with learning as learning doesn?t exist on the level of the Dreamer. Growth is more important as growth involves healing. Growth is a horizontal flow. Self becomes more substantial through growth. Evolution is a vertical flow. Evolution also occurs on the level of the Dreamer.

A popular belief among ?new age? communities is ?life is a school.? The concept that life is a school doesn?t exist on the level of the Dreamer, and is something we must graduate from. We must move from learning to growth and from growth we can have evolution.

Before we talk more about learning, growth and evolution we need to add a backdrop. This backdrop is the issues or karma we bring into our particular lifetime. Karma is widely misunderstood. In many belief systems karma is simple cause and effect. We do something bad and karma is formed. A higher truth regarding karma is that it is collective. Karma exists in humanity likened to a huge vat. When we come into body we pass through this vat and pickup one or two pieces of karma (at the most three) and spend a lifetime working them out. This karma is our core issue.

Although karma is collective we experience it individually. This is part of the reason why we come into body. Humanity is a collective. Our Dreamer or Soul exists in a collective state. The Dreamer extends a piece of itself into physicality and this becomes our lifetime. In any given moment the Dreamer is extending thousands of lifetimes into many different timeframes. To the Dreamer, as it exists in a collective state above space and time, these lifetimes are happening simultaneously. The Dreamer has full conscious awareness of each lifetime. We, on the other hand, experience our particular lifetime individually. We don?t experience all of our other lifetimes collectively.

The reason for this is simple, but somewhat difficult to grasp. In a collective state where time and space does not exist, everything blends into one like swirls of different colors in a can of paint. It is difficult to extract just one color. When we come into physicality and our consciousness becomes individual it is as though everything slows down and we are able to work on the details of an issue or karma. We are able to work on just one of the colors in the paint can.

In this way we come into body with one to three core issues. We experience these issues as our own as we carry the consciousness of individuality while in body. We spend our entire lifetime working through these core issues, which are a sliver of a bigger pie.

As we said most people have one core issue in their life. However this core issue branches out and manifests in different forms. For example, if one?s core issue is has to do with power and control this may take different forms in their life. Growing up they may have felt powerless. Then perhaps as a young adult they choose a mate that they can have control over. The relationship doesn?t last and they move into a relationship where there is a constant battle over who has control. Ultimately the person needs to come into true personal power with humility. They need to find dominion, not domination over self, their world and others. The need to find the true power that helps all of those around them, a power that comes from the Essential Self, not ego power which must compete and ultimately harms those around them.

Love and Light,


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