Removing Blocks to Transformation

The following is a portion of a post from the Mastery of Transformation Online Course.

Remember, an integral part of growth and transformation is change. Unless we embrace change we will not grow and transform. This is simple to understand, but it is sometimes difficult to accept in real life.

As we grow and evolve the way we see the world also grows and evolves. What is true for us today may not be true tomorrow. If we refuse to let go of the way we see the world we cannot grow and evolve. We become stuck. Beliefs hold us in one place. We become attached to our beliefs and do not want to let go of them, and our growth stops.

Toltecs often talk about the assemblage point. The assemblage point is a place in the human energetic field where we “assemble” infinite rays of creation into perception. If we have a rigid assembly point our perception is limited. Beliefs stick our assemblage point in one position. Toltecs strive to achieve a fluid assemblage point in order to expand their perception.

Many times beliefs originate from areas we need to heal. We take on a belief system, for example, that enables us to perceive the world the way we want it to be, when in fact the reality of our lives and life in general may be very different. Beliefs can be a form of denial and avoidance of what IS.

A basic tenant of personal growth and spiritual evolution is that we must begin from where we are. When we understand the law of creation we know that the only reason things continue to exist is because they are changed, changed either in time, space or form. If we have a pattern we wish to heal or move through we must take the pattern to what it is in space and time. We are then able to ?AS IS? the pattern and it dissolves and integrates into self. To AS IS something we must have no avoidance and denial of what it is. We cannot pretend it is something different than what it is. If we have a belief that it is something other than what it is, if we want to believe it is something different than what it is the pattern will only grow and become worse. If we try to hide it from our awareness through suppression and repression the pattern becomes a shadow running our lives from our subconscious (below our awareness).

Beliefs take us away from what is. They stick the assemblage point perverting our perception. Beliefs are part of our inventory. One of the first steps on this path is to clear and clean our inventory so that we may be in universal flow.

Love and Light,


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