Spending Time With The Most Important Person In The World

Take the Time to Spend with That Person Who is Most Important – YOU

7723559The other evening I decided to stay up and watch some television. There was a stand up comedian on stage turning his backside towards a woman in the front row telling her he would let her touch his stuff. His whole act was talking about how he was so beautiful and hot, and how he was the shit. I didn’t think he was that funny but as often happens, Source had a message for me.

The message was in the comic’s line, ‘I am so hot that I get up an hour early every morning so I can spend more time with ME.’ Okay, it isn’t that I am so hot that I can’t resist spending time with myself. But, I realized then that I wasn’t spending enough quality time with self. What does it mean to spend time with self, and why is it important?

This morning I chose to make of point to spend more time with self, and got up a little earlier to take a run in the colorful New Mexican high desert. For me running is quality time for self. As I was running, I could hear crickets on my right. It was a beautiful morning. Soon my inner guidance began to open up to me and began to speak about the importance of ‘self time’. I love when my guidance opens to me this way, and I realized then that the more often I take time for self, the more my guidance and inspiration come to me.

I remember Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Travelled, speaking about how he would take time each day alone in his guest house to write. He needed this alone time for his inspiration. I then remembered earlier this year, when I was sitting on the beautiful veranda of The Hotel Posada Carmina in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, over looking the inner courtyard full of birds chirping and bright colorful flowers blooming. I felt very inspired as I wrote down my thoughts for that day. I thought, ‘no wonder writers often travel abroad to write’. What I didn’t realize at the time was I was truly spending time with self.

The Crazy Rabbit

The Crazy Rabbit

When you spend time with self, you nurture the Soul. Spending time with self revitalizes and reconnects you with Who you are. If you are a writer, spending time with self fills you with inspiration. If you have challenges in life, spending time with self puts you back into the flow and solutions appear. If you need ideas for your business, spend a little time with self and watch what happens. When people have relationship problems arise, sometimes they need a little ‘alone time’ to sort things out.

Before we talk about what spending time with self is, let’s talk a little about what it is not.

Spending time with self is not:
•    Being lonely
•    Being a hermit or a recluse
•    Being alone, but busy doing ‘things’
•    Habitually watching TV
•    Commuting to work while worrying about what you have to do that day

Some examples of spending time with self are:
•    Taking a walk or a hike in nature while pondering your life
•    Going to a movie that moves you deeply
•    Reading a good book that inspires you
•    Travelling at a leisurely pace – enjoying life
•    Meditating
•    Going to a Hot Tub or Spa
•    Getting a massage

To spend time with self, means you consciously create the time to be with self. It means you spend time in your inner world. Deep thinking, meditation, pondering, slow deliberate thoughts, mindfulness are all ways to spend time with self. This is very different than being alone, bored; or spacing out being a couch potato in front of the tube.

The Golden FlowSpending time with self puts you into the flow of life and increases your state of well being. As you give yourself the gift of time and attention, you connect with the bigger Source that you are and live life from your depth. Living life from your depth gives life meaning. Living life with meaning leads to true fulfillment.

So, create the time to spend with the most important person in the world, you. You will be thankful you did.

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