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The Trap of Self-Introspection

A common trap people on a spiritual path is one of self-introspection. Self-introspection is not the same as self-observation, witnessing the self or what Toltecs refer to as stalking the self.

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Your Coming Into Body is Intentional

Your Coming into Body Was Intentional Toltecs speak much about the important of Intent. The use of Intent is one of the most basic and powerful tools you use to advance on your path. Even knowing the importance of Intent, what some people forgot is that coming into body is intentional. In fact, it is […]

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Where is the ‘Where’ in Living in the Now?

I was recently asked to speak about the next level up from living in the now. This dissertation is somewhat more esoteric in nature than those I generally share with the public reader, however it will be of interest to those who are looking for the next step to “living in the now.”

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