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Now is the Time to Take Advantage of this Extraordinary Time in Human History

Everywhere you look, old structures are collapsing and breaking down. They are meant to. Now is a special time, a time you will never see or experience again, at least not in this life. Those things based on ego cannot no longer sustain themselves and must come to an end so that the new, more […]

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All About Ego

What is the Ego The ego is one of those words that is thrown around in many different ways, and can have a different meaning depending on the context. Psychology speaks about the Ego and the Superego for example. In everyday conversation, we talk about ego as being equivalent to over inflated self-importance. However, in […]

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Freedom From Suffering

What Causes Suffering What causes suffering? It is really quite simple. Suffering occurs when we are disconnected from Self. The Self contains essential qualities of Love, Oneness, Merging, Trust, Knowingness, Abundance, Empowerment, true Value and Worth, and so on. The qualities are essential, authentic. They cannot be understood, only experienced. The ego frantically tries to […]

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