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Life Doesn’t Need to be so Hard

Tweet“When the persona (personality self) is disconnected from the bigger Self you are, it loses its compass. It is like a ship adrift at sea without a sail. It has no direction. Choose for Self and you will reconnect with Self. Take your power back and you… will connect to Who you are, which is […]

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Leave Struggle Behind

A spiritual path is not meant to be a struggle. It is the most difficult thing you will ever do, but it need not be a struggle. If you are struggling, it simply means you are choosing to align to old patterns, old fragments, old personalities, instead of aligning to your Authentic Self. Many people […]

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Your Coming Into Body is Intentional

Your Coming into Body Was Intentional Toltecs speak much about the important of Intent. The use of Intent is one of the most basic and powerful tools you use to advance on your path. Even knowing the importance of Intent, what some people forgot is that coming into body is intentional. In fact, it is […]

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