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Feeling Uncomfortable – Good The Answer is Just Beyond the Feeling

The life you desire resides just on the other side of your comfort zone. If you resist your uncomfortableness, guess what happens. What you resist persists and the discomfort only grows bigger. By resisting your uncomfortableness, that which you desire stays perpetually out of your reach. I talk a lot about living life in The […]

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The Importance of the New Paradigm ? Moving From Devolution to Evolution

Until very recently (the last 50 years or so) most Esoteric schools were hidden from society as a whole. There is a simple yet important reason why.

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Learning, Growth and Evolution

As human beings we have three aspects of consciousness in our spiritual development. These three aspects are learning, growth and evolution. Having an understanding of these three aspects can help us know where we are at and where we need to go in our development.

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