The Most Important Question in The World

Living Your Dreams

Living Your Dreams

There is a question that if you sincerely ask, and honestly answer yourself, will propel you onto to personal growth and spiritual faster than you can imagine. It will also powerfully activate The Law of Attraction. It is a question you should ask yourself every day. It is a question you should ask whenever you have a life challenge. Ask it and you will find that you already have the solution to any of life’s problems. Best of all, you will empower yourself to create the life of your dreams.

Before I give you the question, let me ask you a couple of other questions. When you dream at night, who is dreaming? Who creates your dreams? The answer is, of course, you do. You, or an aspect of the bigger self that you are creates your dreams, and you dream them.

Along the same lines, who creates your life? Who lives your life? The answer is the same. You do. You create your life and you are the person living it, no one else. When you are ready and willing to accept this truth, your entire life dramatically changes.

This first thing that changes is that suddenly you are empowered. If you are creating your life, life no longer happens to you. You make it happen. Perhaps you are not happy with everything in your life now. Knowing you are creating even those things you are not happy with, gives you the power to change what you create, and create something you will be happy with. After all, if life just happens to you, how can you change it? You can only change it if you create it. And, you do.

The second thing that happens when you realize that, just as you create your dreams you create your life, is you take responsibility for what you are creating. So often, people blame their life on other people, on circumstances out of their control. As soon as you do this, you have just given away your power to create the life you desire.

Blame is always self-destructive as is the anger that comes out of blame. In its extreme form, blame turns to rebellion which always harms self. Many people have more or less ruined their lives by blaming their parents and going into rebellion. They then project the blame onto bigger authorities such as society and/or government and ultimately end up dropping out of life and dis-empowering themselves.

This does not mean that you should not strive to improve the world you live in. You should. And, the best way to do this is to honor self and take responsibility for the world you are creating.

The third thing that happens is, because you are taking responsibility for the life you are creating, and because you are empowering yourself to more powerfully create that life, you begin to create the life of your dreams – a life full of love, abundance, well-being, with your deepest desires fulfilled.

So what is the most important question you must ask yourself every day? It is this. Ask yourself “Why am I creating this?” If you ask yourself this question, and honestly look at self, you will know. You will not only know why you are creating the situation or attracting the person or that kind of relationship, you will know what it is you need to shift in self to attract something better. You will have just empowered yourself to create the life of your dreams.

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