Where is the ‘Where’ in Living in the Now?

I was recently asked to speak about the next level up from living in the now. This dissertation is somewhat more esoteric in nature than those I generally share with the public reader, however it will be of interest to those who are looking for the next step to “living in the now.”

In the early 70’s Ram Dass coined the phrase “Be Here Now” through his book that goes by the same name. In past few years, many are re-experiencing the spiritual benefits of living in the now, partially due to the popularity of books like The Power of Now. However, “now” is just part of the equation. Unless we also “be” and exist in the “here” the process of living in the now is not complete. In this article I will discuss the “here” part of the formula.

“Here” refers to a place. Our physical bodies exist in space and time. Wherever there is time, there must be space. Why is this so? Because time vibrates denser than space. Those who have had experiences out of body may have experienced this phenomenon ? the past, present and future seem to blend into one. When we drop the body and move out into the rings around the earth-life-system (these rings were well documented by Robert Monroe), we exist in a dimension where time does not exist, however there is still a sense of space . . .although space seems a lot more fluid when in the rings.

Where is the “here” in “Be Here Now?” The “here” exists at the core of our being, physically in our spinal column. This place is sometimes called the place of the Core Star by some Knowledge Schools. The Hindus refer to this shaft of light as the Shushumna. A fundamental secret of Masters is to continuously live from this place.

What does living from this place mean? How do we do it? An essential aspect of living from our core is to always recall and return our energy back to this core. Toltecs understand the importance of recalling and returning our energy from people, places, and things in our life. The recapitulation is one such technique for doing so. We teach other processes and techniques for doing so in the Toltec Mystery School and will be doing so in the Essence Love School of Enlightenment.

To Be Here Now we must live in the now with our awareness centered at the core of our being. We must come back to this place often and return our energy to this place. When we do so we begin to ‘radiate.’ Masters often radiate essences. A particular Master may radiate the essence of love, for example. When you sit in the presence of such a Master, their radiation has the power to invoke transformation in you.

Radiation is one step higher than the law of attraction. We want to use both of these laws in our life. Under the law of attraction, when we are aligned to abundance, for example, we attract abundance into our life. On the other hand, when we radiate abundance, instead of attracting abundance, we transform that which is in our presence into abundance.

For those of you who are working with living in the now, I recommend that you take the next step and begin to also live in the ‘here’. When we live in the here, our energy speeds up and so does the transformation that occurs in our life. Through living in the ‘here’ you will complete what you came here to fulfill much quicker. You will also begin to develop the beautiful quality of radiance.

Love and Light,


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