Allowing Your Glory and Greatness to Be

The Golden FlowYou are a multidimensional being. Most people are aware of their persona, which consists of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and their physical body. However, there is another aspect of Who you are, an aspect that contains your greatness and glory. This aspect has many different names such as Source Energy, Higher Self, Core Being, and so on. What you call it is not important. What is important is that you come to know that your Source Energy exists in a natural state of Abundance, Health and Love. Your Source Energy is much larger than the persona and more powerful. However, the persona has the free will to choose whether to allow the energy of the Source that you are to flow through you or not. The key to tap into the beautiful golden energy of your Source is allowance.

It is good to ponder the word allow. Where do you allow in your life? Where do you not allow? Do you have beliefs that are not tolerant of new ideas? Do you allow the people you encounter in your life to be who they are? Perhaps most importantly, do you allow the greatness and glory that you are to flow through you and into your life? This is a time in humanity where people are empowered to plant the seeds of their greatness. The biggest factor that stops or limits your greatness is not allowing. You must allow your greatness to be.

One of the biggest misperceptions the human persona has is that it must make and create its life on its own. It doesn’t. You are a co-creator. The bigger You that you are, has great power in helping you manifest what you desire. In its natural flow, your Source Energy is always creating. However, the personality has the free will to block the creation. If the persona were to simply allow your greatness to be, all of your deepest hopes, dreams and desires would be manifest now, and you would be ready for the next leap in the expansion of Self.

To be in the flow of the bigger You, you must be in a state of complete allowance. It is the holding onto the illusion of control that stops the flow. The truth is you can’t control your life. Life is much larger than the persona. But, you can allow the bigger, more powerful part of you to work with you and through you to support you and create a wondrous life. So many people try to control their lives. They have long lost the trust in their Source. They have lost the trust that their Source works through life to support them. If they were only to allow the power of their Source Energy to flow through them, they would realize that there is no need to try to control. Source is always ready to work with you to manifest your deepest desires. Nevertheless, it will not override the persona’s free will. When you choose to allow your Source Energy to flow through your life, your life can’t help but to reflect back to you good things.

Be aware of the degree you allow in all areas of your life. As you are able to relax and allow, more well-being will flow into your life and will be reflected in your outer world. Health, abundance and love, which are things you don’t need to create, you simply need to allow them to be, will flow in and through you. The bigger You that you are is already in a natural state of love, health and abundance. All you, the persona needs to do is to allow Source Energy to flow through you and you will realize your greatness and glory in every aspect of your life. We call this flow the Golden Flow.


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