The Importance of Conscious Relationships

Relationships are vitally important to not only your well-being and happiness, but to your spiritual growth and evolution. This is because part of Who you truly are is about the people you love and that are close to you.

For the average person, relationships are misunderstood. They lack true love and connection from their Source energy. Often they are riddled with fighting, frustration and a general feeling of being disregarded by another.

Relationships are meant to be something different. They are intended by your Source to be a place where you extend and receive love, compassion and the joy of taking a life journey together.

This is part of a message from The Oracle. To read the full message, and to listen to an audio download of an Oracle Gathering, a live forum where the Oracle gives an inspirational message and participants ask questions and receive answers on how to make life work in miraculous ways.

Here is the link to the message and live Oracle Gathering.

The Importance of Conscious Relationships

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