Feeling Uncomfortable – Good The Answer is Just Beyond the Feeling

Entrance to The Vortex at the sacred pyramids of Chichen Itsa

Entrance to The Vortex at the sacred pyramids of Chichen Itsa

The life you desire resides just on the other side of your comfort zone. If you resist your uncomfortableness, guess what happens. What you resist persists and the discomfort only grows bigger. By resisting your uncomfortableness, that which you desire stays perpetually out of your reach.

I talk a lot about living life in The Flow, that wonderful state of being where you feel fully supported by life, stress free, cherishing every now moment. It is a magnificant way to live. It takes no effort to move into The Flow. You only need to allow it to be.

If it is such a wonderful way to be and live, why are so many people not living in The Flow? One reason is that they have a fundamental misperception about it. They believe that if you are in The Flow you won’t have problems, or life challenges. So, they avoid their challenges thinking that by avoiding them they will be in The Flow. Another thing people do, which is related to this avoidance, is they avoid the feeling of being uncomfortable. They believe that if they are feeling uncomfortable they won’t be in The Flow.

The problem with this avoidance is that it negates allowance. The only way to be in The Flow is to allow. More than this, the solution to the problem or life challenge often lies just beyond the resistance. If you avoid feeling uncomfortable, and don’t allow the problem, the solution will have difficulty coming to you. You have heard the saying, ‘What you resist, persists.’ This is true, and often what happens is that when you avoid problems, not only do they persist, they get bigger.

Feeling uncomfortable is a natural part of growing and expanding. If you want to become stronger physically, for example, you may need to exercise to the point of discomfort. If you want to become a public speaker, moving through the uncomfortableness of getting up in front of a group of people will help youbecome a skilled speaker. If you have had an accident and need physical therapy, it may be very painful. But, by moving through the pain you heal.

When you are living in The Flow, it doesn’t mean that you are problem free. It doesn’t mean that there are life circumstances that come that may make you feel uncomfortable. However, when you allow the uncomfortableness to be, you remain in The Flow and it moves through you much more quickly than when you resist it. If you simply allow the problem to be, more times than not you will find the solution magically presents itself. The solution is in The Flow.

As you allow and welcome life challenges, discomfort and move through your resistance, sooner than not you will find yourself stress free in a state of free flowing Joy, the problem will be resolved; and you will have grown, and become more of Who you truly are.

Are You in The Flow?


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