Living on Purpose for Empowerment

If one looks at a cancerous cell through the eyes of ‘seeing’, what does one see? What causes a cell to become cancerous? Moreover, how does this relate to Self as a whole?

Healthy cells work in harmony. They have the innate knowledge of their purpose. Part of this intelligence is the knowing that they are part of a larger whole – what we call the body. A healthy cell works diligently to carry out its purpose for the greater good of the body.

A cancerous cell, on the other hand, is a cell that has lost its purpose. It becomes a rogue cell, incessantly multiplying with no regard for the damage it is causing in the body. One could say a cancerous cell has succumbed to ego. Ego can only exist in the state of separateness. A cancerous cell acts and reproduces as though it is separate from the body. By doing so it harms and can even cause death to the body. Ego believes it is doing good for itself, however, it is actually self-destructive. If the rogue, cancerous cell kills the body it too will die.

Looking through the eyes of ‘seeing’, one therefore sees a cancerous cell as a cell that has lost its purpose and succumbed to ego.

The human body is a microcosm of the Nagual or All That Is. Just as a cell is part of a bigger whole, i.e. the body, the Self that you are is part of a bigger whole, sometimes called Soul, or in Toltec terminology the Dreamer. Just as each cell in your body has a purpose, the Self that you are has a specific purpose for this lifetime – why you came into body. Ego does whatever it can to take you off purpose. Ego causes you to forget why you came into body. Ego does what ever it can to give you the sense that you are separate from other humans. Ultimately, we all come from the same Source and will return to that Source. As such, just as the cells in your body are connected and can never be separate from the body, and in turn each other, so too are you connected to every other human being and can never be separate from them.

Individuality and separateness are often confused. We are meant to have individuality. This is why we take on a body. The body is an individual. It has an individual personality, hair color, facial features and so on. The Authentic Self that we are that takes on the individual body also has individuality. It has an individual purpose and is given specific tools to fulfill that purpose. Just as there are many individual flavors of ice cream, each person has their own individual flavor, their particular purpose and what Toltecs call a specific Intent for coming into body. Our Soul or Dreamer is the pie. When in body we bring a specific piece of the pie to be worked through during our lifetime.

We are individual pieces of the whole. However, we are not separate from the whole. We are all part of the same pie – just individual pieces. The ego will try to convince us that we are separate from the pie. This is the source of suffering in self and the world.

As long as one is under the influence of ego, they are unable to come to know their purpose. Purpose flows from the bigger Whole that you are. If ego has you believing, thinking, and acting as though you are separate from this Whole, you cut yourself off from your purpose.

Your purpose is specific to you. Some schools and spiritual paths will try to divide people’s purposes into a set number of categories. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is necessary for those not yet ready for a School of Direct Knowledge. In a School of Direct Knowledge, one gains the ability to communicate directly with the larger Self that they are. To do so they must be able to negotiate what Toltecs call the 2nd attention, or the world of energy. The bigger Self that you are, loosely called the Higher Self, communicates first through deep urgings that manifest as deep desires. Then, as sensations and essences of energy.

Your purpose or Intent for this lifetime is ‘personal’ for you. No one else will have the exact same purpose you do. Purpose is not something you can put into a word or two. It is a specific energy sensation that comes directly from your Dreamer or Soul.

Depending on the particular Toltec lineage, there are four Masteries. The first Mastery is the Mastery of Awareness. The second Mastery is the Mastery of Transformation. The third Mastery is the Mastery of Intent. I will not name the fourth Mastery here as it is meaningless to do so until one has to a substantial degree mastered the Mastery of Intent. The Mastery of Intent is a pivotal Mastery and is the point where one actually begins a spiritual path. While the Masteries of Awareness and Transformation take much diligence to move through and for some can take several years of work, they are the pre-requisites to the Mastery of Intent.

The Mastery of Intent requires that you have conscious awareness of the Intent or purpose for your coming into body. When you are aware of this, you are able to set your Intent each day of your life, and live your life in alignment to your purpose. Nothing speeds up the fulfillment of your spiritual path or purpose more than living each day in accordance to that purpose.

As you live your life in alignment to your purpose, you are in alignment with the bigger Self that you are. This bigger Self that you are existed before you came into body. It exists now, and will exist after you drop your body. It exists beyond time and space. It has tremendous intelligence, knowledge and power. When you align your Intent to the larger Intent of the bigger Self that you are, you tap into its intelligence, knowledge and power. You live an empowered life, guided from within.

Through living in alignment with your purpose, the bigger Self that you are comes through you into your outer world. This is the true meaning of co-creation. You create your world hand in hand with the eternal Self that you are.

Love and Light,


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