Are You Living Who You Wish to be?

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing Who(I am capitalizing ‘W’ intentionally) you wish to be and having life reflect that back to you. When you live Who you are, your life is full of expansion, new vistas, passion, and an underlying excitement as you anticipate what wonderful things are coming next. Why? Because Who you are is so much more than who you are not, and life can’t help but to reflect that back to you.

So often, people live who they are not and because of this their life is full of things that do not reflect Who they truly are. They have a job that doesn’t reflect Who they are. It may provide an income, but it doesn’t fulfill them. Much of the job consists of things they really don’t want to do. They may be in a relationship that doesn’t reflect Who they are. They are comfortable in the relationship, but the love and passion is gone and the relationship has stopped growing to new levels of depth and connection. When you live who you are not, life often becomes more of a chore than an inspiration.

So the question is, how do you live Who you wish to be? The first step is to know Who it is you wish to be. This seems obvious but for many people it sounds easier than it is. The truth is many people don’t really know Who they wish to be. Beginning from the time they were born they were conditioned to be who they are not. They were taught to be who their parents thought they should be. Daddy wanted a boy instead of a girl and they were taught being a woman means being weak. They were told they should be a Doctor, when Who they are is more of an artist.

Every day, preferably first thing in the morning, take some time meditating or pondering on Who you wish to be. As you do so you will begin to reawaken Who you are. The more you reawaken Who you are, the more the energy of Who you are will enter into your life and be reflected back to you. Look at your life, does it reflect Who you wish to be? What part of your life is Who you wish to be? What part of your life is not?

Take a few minutes to take an inventory of your life. Ffind things that you can shift into alignment with Who you wish to be. Begin with small things, before trying to shift the big things in your life. What is most important is consistency. Everyday find at least one or two things you can do that are more aligned with Who you wish to be. As you do so, you will find more and more of your life begin to reflect back to you Who you are. As you consistently fill your life with Who it is you wish to be, life can’t help but to align to Who you are. Begin with small things and before you know it the bigger things in your life will fall into place.

The more you do this process, the more clarity you will have in knowing what you truly desire. You connect more and more with Who you truly are. The essence of Who you are is a powerful, loving, Divine being who is continually growing, expanding and evolving. As you live from this place, life can’t help but to mirror Who you are back to you. Then, hold on to your hat as your life becomes an exquisite adventure beyond anything you can imagine.

I look forward to your comments.


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