Life Doesn’t Need to be so Hard

Sally Moore, Lost at Sea

Sally Moore - Lost at Sea

“When the persona (personality self) is disconnected from the bigger Self you are, it loses its compass. It is like a ship adrift at sea without a sail. It has no direction. Choose for Self and you will reconnect with Self. Take your power back and you… will connect to Who you are, which is a powerful being of light. Life looks very different in this light.” Kristopher Raphael

So many people try so hard to make life work, simply because they have forgotten one simple thing. They try to create the life of their dreams over and over again, but their dreams always seem to be out of their reach. They become frustrated and disillusioned. They keep pushing and pushing but a part of them feels like giving up.

Are you one of these people?

It doesn’t need to be like this. In fact, life was never meant to be this way.

So what is missing? What have you forgotten?

Did you know that there is a bigger part of you that is, at least from the personality’s standpoint, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, all-abundant? This part of you is so much bigger, wiser, and more powerful than you the personality. But, what is most important is that this part of you is here to serve you. It is here to serve you because it is you.

This bigger part of you goes by many names – Higher Self, True Self, Core Self, Soul, Source Energy…the Toltecs call it your Dreamer. It is Who you are before, during, and after you come into body. It contains your Life Purpose and all the tools you need in this lifetime to fulfill it.
You the personality self are a piece of this bigger Self (with a capital S). You the personality self are necessary for your bigger Self to function and experience physicality. You are a piece of It and It is you.

The bigger Self that you are has the power to create in ways the personality self can hardly imagine. If we were to put a ratio to it, you could say that 80% of the power to manifest lies in your bigger Self. The personality self has only 20%. Most people, unaware or having forgot Who they are, only use the 20%. This is why life is so challenging and often frustrating for them.

To exacerbate this even more, most people only use a small percentage of the 20%. You have probably heard that people only use a small part of the potential their ‘mind’ has. This is true. But what is even more impactful than this is that their ‘mind’ is the 20%. Their ‘mind’ is only a small percentage of their total Self, their total potential. If you use only 5% of your 20%, you are really only using 1% (100% x 20% x 5% = 1%) of your total potential, of the bigger Self that you are.

Just think, if you could tap into your 100% potential, you could create in one year what normally takes you 100 years to create (1% x 100years = 1 year).

So the question is, how do you tap into your Source Energy, your Higher Self, Who you truly are?

And I will speak to that in my next article.

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