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How to Live in The Now Moment – Part Two

Tweet In part 1 of the Living in the Flow of the Now Moment Series, I gave a simple, yet powerful technique for living in the now called savoring. Most all techniques on a personal growth path or spiritual path are meant to be simple. This doesn’t mean they are always easy, but when you […]

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Spending Time With The Most Important Person In The World

Take the Time to Spend with That Person Who is Most Important – YOU The other evening I decided to stay up and watch some television. There was a stand up comedian on stage turning his backside towards a woman in the front row telling her he would let her touch his stuff. His whole […]

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You Can Have it All – Living Who You Are in Your Authenticity

Cherish Every Moment You Are Alive There comes a time in one’s life when you cherish every moment you are alive. The beauty of this state is that the more you cherish your life, the fuller it becomes. The more life you receive. Life is a gift and when you realize that fully, all of […]

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