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The Beautiful Art of Connecting with Your Soul

Connecting to your Soul (called the Dreamer by Toltecs) is a Divine act that brings you in touch with love, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Each morning, as you slowly open your eyes to greet the new day, connect with your Soul. It is not difficult to do and the rewards are beyond anything […]

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Speed Up Your Personal and Spiritual Growth Through Intent

“Setting your Intent to do your best in the life circumstances you came into and created is one of the quickest ways to liberation.” One of the quickest ways to speed up your growth path is to harness the power of Intent. Spiritual Mastery is living in alignment to Intent. Living in alignment to Intent […]

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The Universe Conspires to Support You

“The Universe Conspires to Support You” The Oracle  Everywhere you go, your Source Energy, the Universe is there supporting you and guiding you in the most fantastic ways, and often in the most unexpected places. This is a power sign I received as I was disembarking off my plane in Albuquerque airport. I looked up […]

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