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The Importance of Conscious Relationships

TweetRelationships are vitally important to not only your well-being and happiness, but to your spiritual growth and evolution. This is because part of Who you truly are is about the people you love and that are close to you. For the average person, relationships are misunderstood. They lack true love and connection from their Source […]

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Life Doesn’t Need to be so Hard

Tweet“When the persona (personality self) is disconnected from the bigger Self you are, it loses its compass. It is like a ship adrift at sea without a sail. It has no direction. Choose for Self and you will reconnect with Self. Take your power back and you… will connect to Who you are, which is […]

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The Universe Conspires to Support You

“The Universe Conspires to Support You” The Oracle  Everywhere you go, your Source Energy, the Universe is there supporting you and guiding you in the most fantastic ways, and often in the most unexpected places. This is a power sign I received as I was disembarking off my plane in Albuquerque airport. I looked up […]

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