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Freedom From Suffering

What Causes Suffering What causes suffering? It is really quite simple. Suffering occurs when we are disconnected from Self. The Self contains essential qualities of Love, Oneness, Merging, Trust, Knowingness, Abundance, Empowerment, true Value and Worth, and so on. The qualities are essential, authentic. They cannot be understood, only experienced. The ego frantically tries to […]

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Toltec Nagual Series I – How to Live as a Nagual, Manifesting the Nagual in Your Life

So many get lost in this technique or that technique forgetting that the key to transformation is in the impeccable LIVING of life. How does a nagual do it? In one sentence ‘a nagual ALIGNS his personality self to the nagual aspect of himself and LIVES his life in accordance to this which ultimately manifests […]

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Living Under Higher Laws

Living Under Higher Laws A wonderful phenomenon occurs as you evolve self. You begin to live under a new set of laws. This new set of laws is called the laws of the Divine, or the laws of the Higher Self. As Divine laws vibrate at a high frequency, when living under the laws of […]

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