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To Understand Nothing Takes Time – Toltec meets Zen

Tweet There is a Zen saying, “To understand nothing takes time.” When in body we have available to us the beautiful gift of time. Time is a wonderful tool but it is a tool we often repel – either we have too much of it, or more often, not enough of it. In a society […]

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Travel For Spiritual Growth and Evolution

Have you ever noticed, that whether it is something as simple as leaving your house and going to a coffee shop, or traveling to a foreign country your creative juices begin to flow and you see the world differently? Have you ever wondered why writers often travel and live in different countries? Traveling frees up […]

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Speed Up Your Personal and Spiritual Growth Through Intent

“Setting your Intent to do your best in the life circumstances you came into and created is one of the quickest ways to liberation.” One of the quickest ways to speed up your growth path is to harness the power of Intent. Spiritual Mastery is living in alignment to Intent. Living in alignment to Intent […]

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