The Beautiful Art of Connecting with Your Soul

Taking a lost new born turtle to the oceanConnecting to your Soul (called the Dreamer by Toltecs) is a Divine act that brings you in touch with love, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Each morning, as you slowly open your eyes to greet the new day, connect with your Soul. It is not difficult to do and the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine. Your Soul is your Source Energy and is the energy behind The Secret of  The Law of Attraction

Your Soul is always trying to communicate with you. How does It communicate? In more advanced stages of a Spiritual Growth Path, there are several ways to communicate directly with your Soul. However, in the beginning your Soul communicates with you through something everyone has. It communicates with you through your deep desires. I call these deep desires Soul Urges. They are urgings that rise from deep within self. Through your deep desires, your Soul motivates you and directs you.

Do you have a desire to grow and evolve spiritually? As you have read this far, most likely you do. Where does this desire come from? Why would someone embark on a path that is the most difficult thing they could ever do? Why would they choose to pursue a path that can be so personal that it is difficult to share with their friends and family – a path that may be met with disapproval from them? The answer is, of course, that it comes from a deep desire or urging that comes from a larger aspect of the Self that you are – sometimes called your Soul.

Through your desires, your Soul may urge you to make choices and take actions in areas of your life sometimes least expected. It could be a desire to make a career change, to move, to end a relationship, and so forth. Changes are always difficult for humans as change can evoke fear. However, as you connect to your Soul urges and align to them, you will find that behind such urges are incredible help. Your Soul never gives you something you cannot handle, although it can feel overwhelming at the time.

The more you take the time, attention and energy to connect to your deep desires, the clearer and stronger they become. You will also be able to discern between ego desires and Soul desires. Ego desires bring temporary fulfillment at best, whereas Soul desires bring lasting fulfillment. As you connect to your Soul desires, your Soul will respond and open more lines of communication with you. This is not only exciting but also very empowering. It is a major step in co-creating your life with aspects of Self that are more powerful, more intelligent and more knowing than the human personality alone.

Communicating with your Soul is rewarding beyond measure. The good news is that it is not that difficult to do. Each morning before rising, spend some time connecting with your deep desires. Let them grow and bloom in your consciousness. Let them guide you as you plan your day. Then, as you go about your day, see if you can find the feeling sense of those desires – then follow them. As you follow your desires, you open the doors to full communication with your Soul and Its Divine guidance.


Kristopher is the co-creator of The Golden Flow System® of Accelerated Enlightenment, Abundance and Well-Being The Golden Flow® contains tools derived from the best of traditional  methods of healing and spiritual growth, along with new methods that streamline and propel you forward virtually effortlessly.

Kristopher Raphael is the co-founder of the Toltec Mystery School, and author of The Mastery of Awareness, Seeing Through the Eyes of the Jaguar.

The Toltec Mystery School offers both practical and esoteric teachings to empower you, live your Divine Purpose, and Manifest your Deepest Desires.

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