To Understand Nothing Takes Time – Toltec meets Zen

time fliesThere is a Zen saying, “To understand nothing takes time.”

When in body we have available to us the beautiful gift of time. Time is a wonderful tool but it is a tool we often repel – either we have too much of it, or more often, not enough of it. In a society of instant gratification many have difficulty accepting and using time the right way for their growth and transformation.

Due to time there are things we can do in body that are simply not possible when not in physicality. Due to time we have process. A spiritual path is a process. It is through the process of healing that growth and transformation occur. It is through the process of cleaning, clearing, and healing the human tonal (a Toltec term) or personality that we reclaim our personal power.

It is possible to compress time. This is one of the secrets of a spiritual path. A master gets much done with little effort. He or she does this by compressing time.

How do you compress time? You do it through expanding awareness. The more awareness you have in any given moment, the more time is compressed, and the “quicker” your transformation, the more you will ‘get done’ in a short amount of time. Awareness is like a muscle. The more we use it the stronger and more expansive it becomes.

What most people do is to grasp and repel. They repel the healing, maturing and growth they need to do, due to their fear of pain. And, they grasp at the life they want. The problem with this is that by grasping and repelling they are increasing the time required. In other words they prolong their suffering. By grasping and repelling they stop the possibility of process. Without process no growth and transformation can occur. All they have is motion, like a dog chasing its tail – lots of motion but little movement.

Repelling is a form of avoidance. Avoidance is a shutting down of awareness. When we shut down awareness all growth and transformation stops, we end up living the same painful cycles over and over again.

When we embrace time and process, each moment becomes fuller and more alive. Life literally expands in each moment. Each moment becomes a transformative process.

A practical exercise we can do is to slow down. A spiritual master moves slowly. This is the opposite of what most people do. Many people rush around driving themselves into a tizzy and actually getting little done. When you find yourself in a rush to get things done, slow down and you will get more done. But more importantly, when you slow down and engage your awareness, your growth and transformation actually speed up.

Savor each moment. There is another Zen saying, “Chop wood, carry water.” In other words by fully existing in simple daily activities we enter the state where time becomes our ally and not our enemy.

Love and Light,


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